The Lady of the Manor: Part One


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So, usually I carefully plan out my short run paper dolls. I know how many posts they are going to be. I calculate how much work I’m going to have to do. I do all of these things.

But I scanned this doll at nearly 10pm and it was a rush to get her up tonight, so really I have no idea how many posts she’s going to take up, but I like her and hope you’ll like her too.

Now, it is past my bedtime and tomorrow the library calls with the siren song of homework to do and readings to finish. Man… Graduate school is hard work sometimes.

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  1. My girls really had a lot of fun coloring this paper doll. We are having fun with your sight. We are going threw from the very beginning and doing a paper doll or two or three a day. lol Until we catch up to you.


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