Green Princess: African-American Printable Paper Doll


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So, funny story about this paper doll. I actually drew three dresses for her originally. I inked them, scanned them, colored them and even added my tabs. Then I noticed at one of the dresses seemed to be missing a sleeve. I thought- Nah, I can’t have forgotten to draw a sleeve for Marisole’s left arm, because not even I am that much of a space cadet.

Then I tried the dress on the doll and… well, apparently I am that much of a space cadet.

Needless to say, it was not easily fixable through the power of Photoshop, though I did try, so the princess paper doll version of Marisole only gets two dresses.

Moral of the story: Check for sleeves before inking paper doll costumes.

On an unrelated note, I’m pleased how Marisole’s hair turned out.

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  1. So, I’ll confess I’m not totally sure what you are asking, but I did just spend six hours in the library researching for a paper and reading congressional documents, so my brain is a little fried. (Oh, Congress… and your huge long documents…)

    I do hand draw every doll with pen and ink. Then I scan them at a very high resolution (usually 600 dpi) and use Photoshop to clean them up, color the colored dolls, and do the layout, add tabs… whatever else has to be done… sometimes to fix little problems like accidental lines across things or whatever I might have screwed up in inking.

    I use sketch paper (usually about 50 lb plain white smooth bristol style), black ball point pens, Micron archival very fine pens and a very cheap fabercastle brush pen for shading dolls like Curves. Over the years of drawing paper dolls, I have learned to go pretty fast when inking, but penciling still takes me a long time. I pencil every piece, ink it and then shade it if needed.

    I hope I answered your question. Let me know if I didn’t and since you’re not the first person to ask about the process, maybe I should do a post on it or something.

  2. I really like both dresses and the green shoes are very cool.

    It might be a good idea to do a post about your process. I know that it’s always cool to get tips or inspiration and you never know if a budding artist is reading your blog.. I know I always found your dolls inspiring. Plus it’s always interesting to see how other people make their artwork.

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