Florence’s Underwear: Paper Doll Victorian Undergarments

I have come to the end of my first week of classes. I am tired, but pleased to have gotten posted Florence’s underwear. I posted Florence last week, and here now is her corset. 🙂


{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a 150 dpi PNG to Print} {Click Here for The Rest of this Series}
It’s actually a simplified version of all the layers Victorian women wore. There should be a bustle and a corset cover and a chemise under the corset. I’m glad I don’t wear so many layers of underwear.

Except when it’s really cold out, then I get close with my long underwear and my heavy wool socks and my jeans and then sweater and coat and hat and scarf.

But not corsets… I wouldn’t want to wear a corset every day. Once in a while might be okay, but not every day.

Don’t forget to print out Florence, so she can wear these clothing pieces.


  1. the .pdfs in this new format are great (definitely something i would like to move toward), but i’m a wee sorry to have to click around every time i visit, in order to see the previous posts. Comic Press won’t run on my website the way i want it to. it’s great for comics, but feels a wee awkward for blogging.

    anyway, i really wanted to say that i love the pantaloons and slippers on this one!

    : D

  2. I agree that comicpress has some disadvantages, but my frustration with standard blog format was that I felt like the images weren’t center-stage like I wanted them to be. I think if I was writing more about process and dealing more in how I create- much like your blog shows your work in progress- I would not have switched, but I’ve always been more focused on product rather then process and I think this layout does that better. On the other hand, I might change my mind in six months and rewrite everything. Who knows? I am fickle.

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