Printable Greek Goddess Fantasy Paper Doll

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So, I have this parsnip. I didn’t mean to buy a parsnip, but somehow I ended up with one. It was just cheap and I have enjoyed them the two times I’ve had them. Now it’s sitting in the refrigerator, possibly snickering since I don’t know how to cook a parsnip.

Maybe I should do a parsnip paper doll… Or maybe I should just stick with Curves.

Curves is one of the paper dolls which is staying around from the death of my blog. I really liked the ideas of having a full figured paper doll and I hadn’t done that many outfits for her, so she still deserved more attention.

And that is why she’s up today.

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7 Responses to Printable Greek Goddess Fantasy Paper Doll

  1. Lyann Glenn says:

    Woohoo! I’m very happy to see Curves again, and I have also enjoyed Regency
    Teddy & Marisole. The PDF feature doesn’t seem to be working for me though.
    It just says a drawing error has occurred. BTW, you can boil parsnips just as
    you would carrots, and serve them buttered. :-)

    • RLC says:

      Hmm… I don’t know about your pdf error. I haven’t had any trouble with the PDF’s on my computer or on the various test computers I use at the library to try out the site on a Windows machine. (I have a mac.) I may have to start adding large scale png’s…. This will require more thought.

      Also, tomorrow, I shall try to cook the parsnip. You advice may be used.

  2. Lyann Glenn says:

    Ahh, thank you! The png works much better for me. It’s weird, though. I still get the
    message about the drawing error and a blank pdf when I try to download the pdf, but
    I found that if I patiently waited a bit and tried to save the file, the file actually did
    download, even though it didn’t display. The files are huge, though (well over a mb,
    and some approaching 2 mb). I have a relatively new computer, running Vista (grrrrr),
    so maybe that’s the issue. I work for the King County library system, and we still use
    XP on our computers. I should try it at work, and see if that is the problem. Anyway,
    thanks very much for all the beautiful new pds, and I hope everything is going well
    for you! :-)

  3. Maeghan says:

    Funny coincidence, I have just come into ownership of a bag of parsnips. They shall be added to a beef burgundy tomorrow.

    Also, the new site design is really pretty. Like a panda!

  4. RLC says:

    Yes, the PDF files are pretty big. They are saved at 300 dpi which is what you generally want if you’re printing on a professional grade printer, but it does make them rather large. So I think I will start offering 150 dpi pngs which would work on home printers. My ancient printer can barely handle 150 dpi, poor old thing that it is…

    And I still haven’t cooked my parsnip. I should do that tonight… before it goes bad or something.

  5. Corissia says:

    Well I for one am really happy you are continuing the Curves doll, she’s my favorite from the old site.
    I’m not having problems with the PDF files and I have Vista too. I like bigger scans myself, they print clearer. I also put all my dolls scans on big re-writable DVD disks, because otherwise I don’t think my cpu would function well.

  6. Lei says:

    Could you make a PNG for this? Please?

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