Regency Teddy Bear: Printable Coloring Page

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{Click Here for a PDF to Print} {Click Here for a PNG to Print}

Yay. It’s a first post.

So, I am very excited to reveal here the mostly finished new version of Paper Thin Personas. There’s still some work to be done and it’s not perfect yet, but it is on it’s way. I’m excited.

(No one else might be, but I totally am.)

So, enjoy the Regency Teddy Bear.

A more coherent post may come on Monday, but no promises.

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4 Responses to Regency Teddy Bear: Printable Coloring Page

  1. Liana says:

    Wow – you can do cute, indeed! That is VERY cute, and even ahead of schedule! Looking forwards to part 2.

  2. Lizzy says:

    Her hats are totally darling.

  3. Jenny says:

    It is cute! I saw it on Liana’s website, and I discovered yours from that. Adorable!

  4. Becky says:

    I love love love paperdolls
    So glad I came across your site

    Thanks for sharing…they are so much fun!

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